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The design of the IRENA HQ building was driven by achieving a series of ambitious targets set by Masdar and meeting the environmental objectives that satisfy a Four Pearl Estidama building. These targets were captured by Key Performance Indicators against which the success of the project could be measured. In addition, the project team were required to meet all of these objectives within a budget that demonstrates a commercially viable building. To be awarded the highest ever Estidama Design & Construction Rating, and to be one of the UAE’s most sustainable and energy-efficient buildings, is a reflection of the commitment of all project team members throughout the project’s lifecycle. The IRENA HQ building will serve as a prime example of how early project involvement by key stakeholders as well as collaboration between the end-user, developer, design team and contractor have attained greater synergies, producing a highly desirable end-product. Through the application of an integrated and holistic design and construction process, the project team has exceeded all of the Sustainability KPIs for the IRENA Headquarters project. The most challenging of the KPIs was to deliver the first ever Four Pearl Estidama Design and Construction Ratings under the Estidama Pearl Building Rating. A summary of the KPI’s are as follows: 

1. ENERGY: Energy Demand Reduction by 50% 

2. ENERGY: Provision of Renewable Energy - 20% City-wide delivery

3. WATER: Water Demand Reduction by 30% 

4. WASTE: Waste Diverted from Landfill by 90% 

5. MATERIALS: Reduction in Embodied Carbon in Materials by 30% 

6. ESTIDAMA: Achieve a minimum Four Pearl Estidama Design and Construction Rating

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