Limassol - Cyprus (The Fish Market) Restaurant
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PROJECT: (The Fish Market) fish restaurant

PLACE: Old Marina Limassol, Cyprus

AREA: 200 m2 (indoor) , 220m2(outdoor).

COMPLETION TIME: March 2016 – May 2016





    The Fish Market is a restaurant that only by its name, someone can easily guess the cuisine that it offers. Fresh fish, shells, sushi and any kind of fish delicacy are included in its menu. Beyond the restaurant’s cuisine, its design was influenced by the advantageous position of the building in the renovated old port of Limassol, the orientation towards the sea, the view to the fishing boats, the trawls and the fishing auction. Taking also into account the demands of the customer, an affordable, functionally correct, aesthetically attractive space had to be created with a clear and intense character related to the product that would be served, but at the same time it should be understandable and legible. This restaurant should be the first in a chain of restaurants that is about to follow. Consequently, a first pilot space had to be set up, taking into consideration its dynamic development to a strong “brand” which would have continuity.

    There were a lot of limitations concerning the existent building and that factor created specific difficulties in the design. The floors, the plaster board ceilings, the frames and the stairs had to be remained as they were and as a result the interventions in these elements had to be restricted in a superficial level. During the design, a variety of attractions poles were aimed to be created in an already shaped and restricted shell and the different ideas of the proposal to be joined in the most correct way in each situation.

    The space is developed in two levels while each one features its corresponding exterior space. At the ground floor, the exterior space of the entrance is signaled by a fish show case which refers to the aesthetics of a fish market, while above the tables, the wattle of the shelter and the luminous globes (wrapped in a fish net) which remind us buoys of a fishing boat, complete the image and they give us the impression that the space is the continuity of the port. The same atmosphere appears to the interior of the restaurant, as well. The blue of the depth of the sea that was selected for the roof was the symbolic base of the “concept”. A dominant element of the ground floor of the interior space is the fish cribs which in a different way each time, once like portraits in the walls and once like parts of the roof above the tables, consist the background for different elements of the space always plucked from the Greek-Cyprian fish market such as the photos of fishes or fixtures where the lamps symbolize fishes wrapped in paper or bait nailed in hook.

    The same setting is also repeated in the second level of the space. The wood in the rear surfaces of the shelves was placed for symbolism with the fish bone technique and in front of it, empty bottles with optimistic messages from forgotten, heavenly places which look for receivers. The white shiny marbles in the largest surface of the walls consist a reference material to the fish markets and also the ideal background to welcome in their surfaces the over-sized decorative wrapped in newspaper fishes. The furnishing of the space not only in the designing level but also as a color pallet completes the total aiming to transfer to the space a Mediterranean breeze.      

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