Loft GO and JO in Milan
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construction                      Dinamica Engineering - Milan

cement and resin pavements    Tecnicem - Milan

metal elements                  Fortin – Biella

walls recovery                          Primat – Biella

lighting design                  Davidegroppi – Piacenza

sanitary and bathware              Sirco – Biella

furnitures                           Henrytimi – Milan

curtains                       Ideatenda - Biella


The project stems from the renovation of a building on the ground floor, previously used to craft works, which is divided into 2 lots of equal area for clients, 2 brothers.

The specific request, from the parents, was to extract 2 units of equal surface and features.

The project therefore develops along the longitudinal axis of the body of the building, a rectangle of about 10 x 20 mt, setting a new metallic axial structure, which has the purpose of supporting individually the new mezzanine, but detached from the perimeter walls, both for a architectural reasons, in order to read the intervention, but also to not load the structure of the building (4 floors). There are just some bracing elements linking the new structure to the existing one.

Connected to the structure are made the new blocks containing services, on 2 levels, so always leave very evident the different areas of intervention.

The mezzanine is closed partially by beams/vertical props, which ideally are the continuation of the arrangement of beams of the upper floor, as if the mezzanine was suspended at it, but which are actually props stiffening of the floor itself. An illusory game that becomes the main feature of the project, its centerpiece, a kind of backbone that manages spaces and functions.

On the floor of the mezzanine, near the stone columns and the structural bearings, were created axial cuts in glass, to give verticality to the area below, only 2.10 meters high, but mostly to respect and valorize the existing structure.

All the original perimeter walls are left exposed, while the new part is plastered and painted.

Even the implants are left exposed (industrial kind) when connected to the original walls, and are encased in new parts.

Basically the project wanted to highlight the cohesion of the two interventions, conservative and contemporary.

Loft GO

Loft GO

Loft GO

Loft GO

Loft GO

Loft GO

Loft GO

Loft GO

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