Limassol - Cyprus (Pier One) Restaurant
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PROJECT: (PIER ONE) bar - restaurant

PLACE: Old Marina Limassol, Cyprus

AREA: 280 m2(indoor), 170 m2(outdoor)

COMPLETION TIME: March 2016 – May 2016





    The designed space occupies the interior of the biggest building of the new complex of the old port of Limassol after its current reconstruction. The bar-restaurant “Pier One” is developing through the impressive metallic volume of the building, which reminds of a pier, supported by big metallic columns and just by the sound of its name, clients may guess what they are about to see at their visit.

    The building is located in an advantageous and special location. It features perimetrical view of 180° towards the waterfront of Limassol. The old and new piers, the sea, the old port and the new marina unfold in front of the eyes of visitors. All the above elements of the surrounding area have been sources of inspiration during the design process. Moreover, the fact that the metropolitan areas of Limassol and Larnaca are natural reserves for various species of birds and especially flamingos has been a major factor for the design concept of the restaurant and the addition of flamingos in the design toolset of the overall project. The only restrictive factor during the study was the fact that some existing elements of the building such as the basic interior configuration, the materials of the floors, the plasterboard ceilings and the exterior windows and doors had to be maintained for the most part. 

    The new bar-restaurant should be formed on a single level separating in the minimum extent the interior and exterior space. In the inside, the operating and secondary services (kitchens, warehouses, WC, etc.) were already constructed and had to be maintained in their original state. As a result, the interior space that remained eventually was limited to a glass volume, with openings on the three of four sides, of which one is actually the continuation of the veranda. The exterior space consists of a spacious roofed terrace of nearly five meters height. The metallic structure of the building, its beams and columns are all visible and painted white,playing an important role in the overall impression of the shell. All this metallic-glass, cold but also airy building volume had to take soul and narrate to the passing by or the visitors a clear and interesting story.

    In the interior, has been constructed a white cubic metallic frame, coated on both sides with a thin oak wooden layer, that serves as a grid, where a variation of wooden elements such as little slats and ring lights create a three dimensional composition; this second shell, designed as a conceptual idea of a “box in a box”, surrounds the main interior dining area. Moreover, the rectangular openings of the grid, in various sizes, leave proper openings towards the view. In the exterior space of the terrace, with the contribution of the big height, the feeling of the surrounding space and the touch with the liquid element of the sea is let unobstructed. The exterior bar has been placed centrally on the floor plan, towards the side of the exterior staircase and covered by back-lit slabs of onyx, creates the ideal background for the metallic white composition on the first level which reproduces the pattern with the rings and slats of the interior grid. The volume of the bar is the center of attention on the terrace and being lighted during the night invites the passing by to approach and explore the space. The highest points of the external volume of the terrace are occupied by a flock of pink metallic flamingos in flight formation, which give the impression that by flying, they make their passage into the space symbolizing beauty and freedom. The tropical plants, the pink color of the lighting fixtures and the multicolored bottles on shelves of the bar complete the color palette of the terrace. Furthermore, furniture made by white metallic frames, having as background the wooden surface of the floor or the beige marble of the table tops introduce the white of the building’s structure into the space. The furniture’s fabrics on the other hand, balance between beige and blue (sand-sea) shades with pink touches that compose the final image of the narrative of “Pier One”.

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