Serbian Pavilion at the 2016 Venice Biennale
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Heroic: Free Shipping

The flood is afoot.

The insides of the arc, hideout of the rebellion, radiate hope.

Trench of the revolution has been drawn, from the lower deck we row towards the treasure,

bathing in Blue, which has no boundaries and not a single drop of bad blood.



The mainstay of the project is in the analysis of the contemporary situation and in recognizing the sociological phenomena surrounding the burning problem of the way architecture as a profession treats the newcomers to the field. The kind of intimate addressing contained within motivational letters, where individuals offers their skills to the market, written on the border between the two states, dream and reality, rational and emotional, here and there; goes along with the idea of floating in a frozen moment of time inside the pavilion, while being a sample of the system that it problematizes.

They are the first step towards accepting the unsafe professional positions reflected in endless professional trainings and internships for architects that are served as the only way to one day, maybe in their 30s, get permanent employment.



The sound of the revolution is not just any kind of murmur, a rhythm can be discerned, singularity of the manifold. When you notice the known sound of paddling it’s easy to catch the rhythm and follow the wave. As a possible way out of the feeling of systemic constriction, a route of joint sailing opens up. Pavilion crowded with architects, initiators of the revolution, echoing in the presence of a crowd, celebrates their energy and perseverance, highlighting the importance of the existence of a joint effort.

The workflow in architectural computer programs has a specific rhythm. Each command that is being typed becomes a separate rhythmic figure, rapid or slow, soft or swift. Confirmation of each command resonates and gives the rhythm which binds individual sound figures into rhythmic sentences harmonized with a strong collective rhythm.



Under the "heroic" slogan of progress, the XX century has dreamed the dream of redefining life through architecture. It gave birth to heroes, who disappeared as individuals over time. Besides a few giants, now runs the reality of a multitude of unknown heroes. Soldiers of fortune, freelancers, heroes of the one to one scale.

Perhaps a great idea is lacking, but the charge of the rebellion exists. We see the potential in the power of the individuals who resist the current order and accept the full weight of the situation they are in as inevitable. Their strength to persevere in a dream of materialization / execution of architecture is frightening.

The pavilion aspires to raise awareness for the presence of ‘’redundant’’ architects, it celebrates their energy and persistence in desire to make a change, it becomes a symbol of leaving a trace.


Ultramarine Blue

Five hundred cubic meters of blue, unchanging blue, altered only when the eyes are dancing over it, or when disturbed by dust and notches.RAL 5002|25 x 8 x 2.5 meters


We were gathered as three young, just graduated architects from the same generation, and we described our own front without any idea that implied anything other than what was known to us, though it might have been expected. In that sense, this project above all else sets generation boundaries and describes a pressing problem, which is global in its spatial distribution. This makes it a strong impression of the moment, not only in regard to architecture today, but also to us as the authors to whom this topic will not be of interest already "tomorrow", as we will outgrow it.

It happened to us now, when it only could have happened, in a moment of total passion and youthful enthusiasm to expose our own insecurities.

Our project reflects on the problematic position of young architects in professional circles; it sheds light on the severity of the system they are facing and puts forward deviation as an only space for further actualization in a climate of hyper-connectivity and relentless competition, thereby resisting the absolutist character of postindustrial capitalism.

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