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This is a Villa just outside Lisbon, close to the ocean and in the middle of nature.

It is a house built from scratch, in which SAARANHA&VASCONCELOS had intervention in some of the interior finishes, so this is a project that included either decoration or interior architecture.

It is a permanent dwelling house from a large family with several social areas that allow different livings, as the tastes of each family member differ.

The living room, spacious and bright, which was given two seating areas and having communication to the dining room and breakfast room, is the preferred area of the matriarch, who likes to surround herself with works of art, design pieces and antiques. It is here that she likes to host the many friends who visit.

The adult sons and the grandchildren, prefer the games and cinema room, decorated with strong colors and fine materials, especially woods and the walls lined with paper and with elegant gallons to circumvent them and animal prints either on the ground or in detail such as some pillows.

Also the outdoor area, conceived and designed for the great experience that this family gives it, is one of the preferred areas for leisure moments with family and friends.

The panoramic swimming pool is another ex - libris of this villa with its unusual shape and a fountain on top of it, from where the sound of the water provides a relaxing environment.

This villa consists of 3 floors. The basement, where is the garage, employees housing and pantries and storage.

Level 0 consists of entrance hall, living room, dining room, breakfast room, kitchen, library, games and cinema room, Suite of the eldest son and guests suite.

1st floor where is the Master suite consisting of bedroom, bathroom, closets, office, gym / massage area, the granddaughter’s suite and the youngest’s son Suite.

On each floor, there are large circulation areas and entrances, as well as a gallery communicating the two main floors.

Access to all 3 floors is made by stairs or elevator that was designed for convenience.

The concept of decoration of this villa can not be characterized by a unique style.

As in most SA&V projects also this one lives from the mixes both of styles and periods.

The floors are classic, the murals in certain house areas are modern with a touch of irreverence, mixing designer pieces with antiques from various eras, the works of contemporary art, the mixture of textures, materials and colors make the environment, in its whole, the end result designed by SA&V and dreamed by the clients.

The criteria taken into account when creating this project were refinement, comfort, sophistication and easy experience throughout the home.

In terms of colors and tones, we used black and white as a base, with strong color notes, that distinguish each room.

The games and cinema room, in tomato tones, anthracite and white, provide a festive and lively atmosphere, like the experience of this space itself.

The living room, with a base of ivory tones, is punctuated by notes in black and orange, which makes this a relaxing and chic space.

The rooms always have a neutral basis, with details on the preferred shades of each of its inhabitants.

The dining room, with glass, bronze and white is a relaxing and sophisticated space.

The breakfast room, with a very light base and the dome and walls painted with fresh green tones, offers a very quiet and relaxed mood for more intimate family meals.

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