Gin Fish
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Works, including: design concept, a source of inspiration, features, atmosphere, materials, lighting, design background instructions


The sea food restaurant - cocktails bar called "Gin Fish", is located in one of the best spots of the city of Thessaloniki. Opposite the “landmark” of the city the White Tower, facing at the same time the sea front.

With direct view to Thermaikos Gulf, the port and in a more expanded point of view to liquid element, water, Aegean, Mediterranean Sea and to the natural environment of any marine existence.

The fish market of Mediterranean ports, the marine products sold in them, and the way these are caught, were reference and inspiration for the design of the project.

Large openings-metal frames were created in the façade for the direct contact with the liquid element, so that there is a “flow” to inwards. These same frames create recesses – benches to the outer side, framed by wood paneling – vertical fishbone flooring installation.

The same vertical floor is used inside the bar-restaurant, on its normal “form”, as a full/empty game between the vertical and horizontal surface of the façade and the floor.

Internally there is a clear separation of the “pure” dinning space, bar space and the open kitchen space. With an amphitheatric set up and mood, everyone has a view and “contact” with the sea and the “landmark” of the city.

Enjoying and tasting the great choices of both the menu and the cocktails in every point of the bar-restaurant.

If you sit in front of the open kitchen you mentally “participate” in the creations of the Chefs. In the bar you also “participate” in the preparation of the sushi and the shellfish under the moto of the neon letters. Natural ingredients (such as wood, marble), collaborate with metal surfaces, textures, sometimes reflected, lucent, oxidized, selected with influences from the anatomy and shape of the fish.

“Timeworn” wood by the sea water salt, in fishbone form is used in the floor and the façade. Coating from tiles-mosaic and wallpaper, in shapes, reflections and iridescence like fish skin are used for the bar and the cava.

Hanging oxidized bronze lamps, like big hooks, with bright opal balls, like bait, dominate across the roof, while huge parts of literally “goldfish”, sometimes transformed into floor lamps and sometimes into hanging lamps.

The scene, complete the choices of furniture, fabrics and colors. Deep orange color is used in columns and ceiling and orange shades in fabrics, like lobster, shrimp and crab, after boiling them, ready to be eaten. Blue color as the deep sea is also used.

Furniture from several decades to a different version-point of view, coexist harmoniously, while the jean fabric dominates in the wallpaper, playing its role not only in the color palette, but also in the word game of “Gin Fish”…






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