La Maison du Greq
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Works, including: design concept, a source of inspiration, features, atmosphere, materials, lighting, design background instructions

“La Maison du Grec” is about a Greek “bistro” with gastronomy based on Greek traditional recipes, with fresh ingredients from Greece in combination with a more innovative way of production and implementation. The goal was to create a "place to be", an attraction in the center of Kifissia where customers can enjoy meals, coffee and drinks throughout the day...

Of course, in order to achieve that an identity should be created, a strong “Brand” which exudes a specificity and uniqueness.

The design of the space and the creation of a pleasant environment were achieved by the complexity of the interior. The space is developing in two levels where the main functions located in the first level, while a few tables for the lonely customers located in the second level. The inner courtyard at the back of the store is a pleasant surprise for the visitor to discover an isolated and remote place from the disturbance and the movement of cars.

The inner courtyard is also an inspiration for the central design idea, a concept that would tie up perfectly with the business plan.

The old Athenian houses with inner courtyards and the old mansions of Kifissia became a benchmark and inspiration both themselves and the individual decorative elements. The decorations on the ceilings and the floors, the plaster and marble figures but also the elaborate metal manufactures doors and gates are some of them. Except that none of these was used without renegotiate with the modern lifestyle. A design which is primarily “redesign” of the objects and forms from the past with a modern look not only from the creator, but also from the viewer which try to regain their lost glory. The antefix is perhaps the most characteristic element which connects the classical and modern era Greece. One element that is extensively used in buildings of all kinds, in all architectural styles in almost every season! This item according to the designers never found the recognition that deserves as an autonomous artistic creation; it has always been complementary and secondary. This blossom antefix, enlarged and made of wood now, stands in a prominent position as a stand-alone work of art trying to find the recognition it deserves.

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