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This Clinic is one of the oldest Clinics in Lima-Peru so they needed to expand the number of rooms they had. They called us to be in charge of all the interior design of the new building. The Building consists of 33 rooms in total, divided into 11 rooms per floor plus a reception and nursing area in each floor. We also intervened the rooftop, creating an open area where patients could feel more in touch with nature and enjoy a bit of the outside.


The important thing for us was not to create regular clinic rooms, we wanted to improve the usual design and give the rooms a different look, a look more similar to a hotel room rather than a clinic room, so that the patients feel more comfortable in this rooms and also more positive and in a better mood. That was a big challenge since there are some restrictions for hospitals that we needed to take in consideration.


We started by integrating panoramic headboard in the rooms working as a team with a photographer friend called Daniela Talavera. She took these amazing pictures from different Peruvian scenarios giving depth and warmth to the rooms. Another focus point of the room are the oval figures that we designed with the vinyl floor giving the idea of rugs that we usually have in our bedrooms to give them a warmer feeling.


For the whole design we played with the colors of the clinic logo: blue, yellow/gold and gray/silver. That is why, since we had three floors to work on, we decided to combine this three colors differently in each floor. The main color of each floor is gray and we played with the combination of colors in the oval figures. In the first floor we played with blue and darker gray, in the second floor with yellow and darker gray and in the third floor with yellow and blue. We also used the colors in the bathrooms. We used some blue stones as detail in the first floor, some gray ones in the second floor and some yellow ones in the third floor.


We used the same combination of colors in the nursing area and the same concept of the pictures along the corridor.


We did not took care of all the build work, but we went pretty often so we got to learn a lot.

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