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 Twin, a brand new product highlight takes centre stage on the Brunner exhibition stand. A whole world has been created, in which the furniture is not simply a display item, but a vibrant protagonist in a scene that resembles an art installation. When entering the stand, a single chair is elevated to eye level. This forms the starting point for a dynamic whirl of several dozen chairs suspended in a cloud above the visitors’ heads. The walls of the space are completely panelled with mirrored polystyrene shingles. The panoramic effect of the mirrors adds additional dramatic impact to the scene. Their honeycomb structure deconstructs reflections: Individual forms are no longer recognisable and everything melts into a pixellated burst of colour.

Key Words: highlight Individual forms
  • Name:Peter Ippolito
  • Country:United States Minor Outlying Islands
  • Specialty: Corporate Culture Others
  • Position:Partner
  • Introduction:Ausbildung in Stuttgart und Chicago Mitarbeit im Studio Daniel Libeskind, Berlin Assistent von Prof. Ben Nicholson, C...
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  • TEL:86-755-83869568


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