International Space Design Award-- Idea-Tops
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International Space Design Award-- Idea-Tops, which aims to create the most thoughtful and influential interior design award all over the world, discover and praise the best designers and design works. And which is derived from the East, and faces the world, the International Design Award (Idea-Tops) embodys the designer inexhaustible wisdom and innovation. With the principle: professional, rigorous, fair, the International Design Award (Idea-Tops) is committed to promote the design industry by the high professional standards, professional development, professional liability and professional communication. Each session will invite senior experts, scholars and top designers as judges.

“Start here, you can step into China. Start here, you can head for the world.” The popularization activity of 2011 International Design Award (Idea-Tops) are going to start roundly. Shenzhen is a start, the popularization activity will spread to Beijing, Shanghai, Hongkong, Taiwan, Milan and so on. April 12-17, during the Salone Internationale del Mobile di Milano, the International Design Award (Idea-Tops) will have a special performance, showing designers around the world the Eastern space design awards, in order to manage more and more Chinese design works step into the world, and let more and more foreign designer gain the key to access Chinese market




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