Shape of Breeze
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Japan is known for its innovations and beautiful architectures. Most of its towns and cities embrace constructions that are worth mentioning here and shape of breeze is one such architecture. Shape of Breeze has been designed by Studio Green Blue with Mitsuharu Kojima and Wataru kobayashi as its design team members. The project measuring a total plot area of 114.27 sqm was finished in the year 2010 and is one of the best constructions in this city. Simplicity and elegance are the two words that beautifully design this house reveal its various other aspects, as well.

Shape of Breeze

The house is located in one of Japan’s hottest areas that experience extreme summers. This area bears high humidity and high temperature that sometimes also exceeds 40 degrees. And due to such extreme weather, most of the houses have installed air conditioning systems inside their homes. However, the owner of this house did not wanted to depend completely on an air conditioner and so he thought of having a house that is comfortable without it, as well.

The designer decided to put box-like tunnels to divide the yard into south and north, in the beginning, so as to have easy air flow inside the home. In summer seasons, designer adjusted “eaves”, “wall”, “wing walls” so as to avoid direct sunlight to brighten the room and also included windows slightly inclined to get more breeze. Then the designer installed leaning ceiling to enlarge the amount of breeze into the room. 

During winters, sun orbit is lower than in summers, and due to this more direct sunlight enters the room. The use of white floors and leaning ceiling help to reflect light and thus sunlight reaches other parts of the house, as well. During the night, guests are enchanted by the smooth and elegant gradation of lights.

An Overview Of Interiors

The house has been designed in a way that it not only looks spacious, but within the crucial parts of the house, the space has been used wisely. Along the entrance is a wide open, slightly curved hall and at two small steps is an open kitchen. A spiral staircase besides the curved side joins the ground floor with the others sections of the house. The use of glass in the large voids not only creates a transparency with the environment, but also allows the family members to enjoy the outside view, while working in the kitchen. First floor is easily accessible through the spiral staircase. The use of adequate windows on this floor allows a lot of natural light to brighten up the space. Then there is enough of storage space created to accommodate different family stuff.




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