Final Deadline Extension
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Due to overwhelming demand, the Idea-Tops Organizing Committee has extended the deadline to enter the 11th International Space Design Award Idea-Tops until the 11th of February 2021. If you haven't submitted your projects yet, there is still time to put your best designs before our International Jury!

Idea-Tops is the most international and influential space design award in China. It aims to identify the world’s best architecture, interiors and design, as well as the studios and the individual architects and designers producing the most outstanding work.


Winners are selected in 18 categories in architecture and interior design by the jury panel of renowned architects, academics and industry experts.

Award Categories

A. Architecture Design

1. Public Architecture Design: the public Architectures including office buildings, commercial facilities, hotels, cultural facilities, educational facilities, research facilities, sports facilities, etc.

2. Residential Architecture Design: the residential buildings such as single, row, low, middle and high-rise apartments, etc.

3.Green Architecture Design: All kinds of buildings can save resources( save energy, save Land, save water and save materials), protect the environment, reduce pollution, provide people with healthy, applicable and efficient use of space, and live in harmony with nature.

4.Digital Architecture Design: All kinds of new architectural types that can apply the digital technology developed at the end of the 20th century to design, produce, and manage new architectural types in different areas.

B. Interior Design

1. Commercial Space Design: All kind of commercial spaces: Shopping Malls, specialty stores, retail stores, hair centers, bookstores, etc.

2.Cultural Space Design: Public spaces for cultural and educational functions such as schools, churches, museums, concert halls and theaters, etc.

3.Dinning Space Design: All kind of restaurants and dinning area such as theme restaurants, taverns, special style restaurants, chain restaurants, etc.

4. Office Space Design: All kinds of office premises, including the corporate headquarters building, financial institutions business premises, small office buildings, etc.

5.Exhibition Space Design: The exhibition hall or different from that of the retail store, service publicity and exhibition centre, including the Real Estate Marketing Center and the temporary exhibition hall built by the exhibition hall,etc.

6.Entertainment Space Design: All kinds of bars, nightclubs, and other entertainment venues, etc.

7.Transportation Space Design: Public building spaces such as airports, wharves, railway stations, bus stations, etc.

8. Hotel Design: All kinds of hotels, such as business hotel, boutique hotel, theme hotel, special price hotel, urban hotel and holiday hotel, resort and so on. The standard for hotel category recognition is that interior design projects must have rooms, lobbies and cafes, etc.

9.Club Design: All leisure places, such as all kinds of SPA centre, clubhouse, SPA, etc

10.Villa Design: All associated or detached residential building spaces

11.Flat Design: General residential apartments, affordable housing

12.Prototype Room Design: The real estate industry is used for selling, not for specific residential room sample display space.

C. Furnishing Design:

It is designed to construct space and human relations, and to display the movable or easily changing soft environment design of the artistic value of space design, including furniture, soft wares, decorative paintings, art accessories, etc

D. Lighting Environment Design:

Excellent design work in lighting design.


Don't miss out on this opportunity enter Idea-Tops Award with projects, completed in 2018-2020.


To submit the project please go to our official website , choose English, sign up (on the top right corner of the page) and follow the guidance.

For further information and to see previous winners, visit Idea-Tops Award website.


We look forward to seeing your design and sharing it with the world!


All the best,

The Idea-Tops Award Team



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