Shenzhen Association of Interior Designers Donates Masks to the Front-Line Commu
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Wuhan Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) was firstly identified in Wuhan, China on 1 December 2019. It is an extremely dangerous virus, that causes respiratory infections such as the cold and can be lethal for humans. The officials say that Novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) first appeared in Wuhan at the local seafood market and is spread between people via the air or close personal contact. It has already killed a lot of people in China and was identified in other countries, including Japan, Republic of Korea, Singapore, Italy, Germany, USA etc.

Shenzhen Association of Interior Designers (SZAID)  is a professional and non-profit social organization, established with the approval of Shenzhen Bureau of Civil Affairs and Shenzhen Society of Science and Technology and aims to pull together all interior designers for promotion of academic research, design level, communication and cooperation among national and international interior designers; consolidate and enhance the influence of Shenzhen interior designers in the whole nation; be a bridge of connection between the government and interior designers and offer professional advice and proposals for government decision-making process.

In order to alleviate the material shortage of local workers, fighting in the front line against coronavirus, Zhao Qingxiang, member of the CPPCC Shenzhen Committee and Executive Chairman of Shenzhen Interior Design Association, Zhong Sheng, Secretary-general of Shenzhen Charity Association along with other members of Shenzhen Association of Interior Designers and other designers, who are not indifferent donated 10000 en-14683 surgical masks, imported from Germany on February 13. The medical masks were sent to the community workers in Shenzhen, who work overtime for several weeks in a row to guard the front line of the epidemic prevention and control work.

Following the donation of first batch of masks to Luohu Liantang sub district office, Longhua Fucheng sub district office and Guangming Gongming sub district office on February 13, the second batch of 22000 medical masks, imported from Indonesia also arrived in Shenzhen on the evening of February 19.

The masks were also delivered to the representatives of Shenzhen newspaper group Jingbao, radio and television group and front-line journalists of "epidemic war" propaganda in Longcheng street, Futian District, Meilin street, Huaqiangbei street, Xixiang street, Bao'an District, Fuyong street and Bao'an District of Shenzhen in the afternoon of February 20.

It is reported that the purchase funds of these masks came from the donations of caring people, who joined the "In the fight against coronavirus we are all together" donation campaign launched by Shenzhen Association of Interior Designers on February 2.

At present, in cooperation with local designers, SZAID has already donated two batches of 32000 surgical masks, with a total value of 179000 yuan. Meanwhile, the Association is planning to donate all kinds of medical protective clothing, masks, gloves, glasses, antiseptics, thermometers and other protective equipment to the medical staff of Shenzhen hospitals, as well as to the traffic police, sanitation workers, food delivery workers, journalists, property management workers, community grid members, etc. The third batch is expected to be successfully delivered at the end of February.




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