A963 met Doriana Fuksas in Shenzhen
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A963 met Doriana Fuksas in Shenzhen, China, where she came to check the construction process of a new project on November 8, 2019.

How many times have you been to Shenzhen? What do you feel every time you come here? Do you like this city?


Shenzhen became the first city we visited in China, it was 25 years ago. The first time we came to Shenzhen it was not so big. I mean it was big, about 12-14 million people were living here already at that time, but not as big as it is today. Also, many things have been changed since that time. Actually, every time I come to Shenzhen it seems different comparing to previous times. It has become an international city and there are many foreign designers based here nowadays, that is why I like it.

You studied modern and contemporary architecture history, and then went to professional architecture school ESA in Paris for further studying and have become a real expert in architecture. Why did you choose architecture as a lifelong career?


From the beginning, when I started to study Art and History of architecture I did not mean to choose architecture for my career. But then I met Massimiliano and the only way to stay with him was to become an architect, otherwise I would not have had a chance to see him every day. So it was love that made this decision.  

Massimiliano Fuksas, a famous Italian architect, a judge of 9th International Space Design Award Idea-Tops


Many masterpieces of Fuksas have unexceptionally distinctive lines and eye-catching shapes. For the sake of a city, how can we make architecture prominent and integrated, let it remain its art while effectively become a part of the city?


Atchitecture can remain its art in many ways, for instance through the light. Natural light always amazes people. I remember the opening of T3 of Baoan Airport, when people came inside and saw all the light coming through from all the angles, they got a feeling they were on the plane in the sky, but not at the Terminal of an Airport. That is the result of natural light, it is art.

Another way for atchitecture to remain its art is the way the building reaches and touches the ground.

And the last one and the most important one is the proportions. 

In 2013 Studio Fuksas got Idea-Tops Best Transportation Space Design Design Award for T3 Terminal Building of Baoan International Airport (Shenzhen, China)



Studio Fuksas has completed a lot of projects over the years. From My Zeil Shopping Center in Frankfurt, Germany, Tbilisi Public Service Hall in Georgia, Eindhoven Building in the Netherlands, as well as T3 Terminal in Shenzhen, China, Armani store on the Fifth Avenue in New York.mWhich one impresses you most?


I believe my future projects impress and inspire me the most.


As the market and policy environment are facing great changes, what do you think are the main drivers or characteristics to ensure the long-term success of Fuksas in the future?


In future we hope to work mostly with infrastructure projects. Because nowadays infrastructure projects are needed more than any other kinds of architecture. We will work with housing as well and will pay more attention to the nature. We do our best to be more ecologycal, to avoid any kind of waste, including material waste and space waste. While designing a house we have to use space wisely. Why make a big dinning room if we only spend there up to 2 hours a day? These and other tasks are going to be solved in our design.

Doriana Fuksas and other architects at the construction site of a new project in Shenzhen, China




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