Idea-Tops 10th Anniversary | Full Support from Academic Leaders of 22 World-Clas
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Idea-Tops 10th Anniversary | Full Support from Academic Leaders of 22 World-Class Universities

International Space Design Award ——IDEA-TOPS is the most internationalized, influential and professional Design Award in China. Idea-Tops praises the designers' forward-looking ideas of innovation, inexhaustible wisdom and the best intentions towards humans and the environment. As an important award for outstanding talents, the acceptance of the Idea-Tops award is to show the world the top honors of the winners in the field of architectural and interior design.

The Idea-Tops Award is not influenced by politics, business or region. It respects every designer and his works.

The Idea-Tops Award ensures the fairness and authority with the international vision, the highest evaluation standard and strict evaluation procedure. For this reason, a complete, rigorous and scientific evaluation system has been established for Idea-Tops Award, including evaluation standard, competition process, oath of judges, systematic evaluation, urban competition area selection, global nomination award evaluation and international final evaluation. Under this system, designers and design works will be evaluated and selected with the strictest, fairest and most authoritative methods.

Mr. Zhao Qingxiang (Idea-Tops Executive Chairman) together with Zheng Shiling (Academician of CAS), Lu Xiaobo (Dean of Academy of fine arts, Tsinghua University) and Liu Yu-Tung (Vice President of Asia University, Taiwan) jointly launched the Idea-Tops International Design Forum.


Idea-Tops Award Attaches Great Importance to The Power of Academic

Promoting the Development of Design Industry by Strengthening the Position and Value of Academic

Idea-Tops International Design Forum was established by Idea-Tops Organizing Committee, well-known professors and academic leaders from 22 top universities in the world, including Harvard, Yale, Cambridge, Princeton, MIT, Tsinghua University and Peking University. Zheng Shiling (Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences) serves as chairman of Idea-Tops International Design Forum, Lu Xiaobo (President of Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University) serves as vice chairman, and Liu Yu-Tung (Doctor of Design at Harvard University, Vice President of Asia University, Taiwan) serves as vice chairman and executive chairman. The establishment of Idea-Tops International Design Forum has provided strong academic support to Idea-Tops, and enabled Idea-Tops to promote cultural exchange and academic communication between Chinese and western design at a new academic level and with a higher international vision.

Idea-Tops·10th Anniversary

Full Support from Academic Leaders of 22 World-Class Universities

Hats Off to Them

The participants of Idea-Tops award are masters of the industry, including Benedetta Tagliabue (Judge of the Pritzker Prize, Founder of MIRALLES TAGLIABUE EMBT); Aaron Betsky (General Curator of 2008 Venice Architecture Biennale / Dean of Frank Lloyd Wright Architecture Institute); Massimiliano Fuksas (designer of Shenzhen Airport T3 terminal); Jean Nouvel (2008 Pritzker Prize winner), etc. Each of them represents the most influential design power in today's architecture industry.


Now let’s take a look at these top academics and see what they said. ▼

Zheng Shiling (Academician of CAS) said, “the aim to establish the Idea-Tops International Design Forum is to promote development through international exchanges. I don't think anything is just operational, and there are also ideological and thought goes first issues. The Idea-Tops International Design Forum can play an important role in the exchange of ideas and the development of theory, which will give our designers a deeper thinking and play a very important role in the development of China's design”.

Lu Xiaobo (President of Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University) said “I think the market and space of design will have greater value and function in the future. The Idea-Tops International Design Forum is very meaningful to strengthen the accumulation of culture and knowledge in our industry. It is not only an international academic exchange platform, but also a platform for exchange and cooperation”.

Liu Yu-Tung (Doctor of Design at Harvard University, Vice President of Asia University, Taiwan) said “from the perspective of name, which is Idea-Tops, shows the most important thing is idea. Ideas from all over the world can be put together on one platform, shared and seen together. I think this is the most important value of the Idea-Tops Award. It is not in a single culture, a single concept of design values, a single life style. But it can span so many different cultures, climates, customs, and social and economic values. That's what I personally think is the worthiest part of the Idea-Tops Award”.

Wang Tie (Principal of Architectural Design and Research Institute at Central Academy of Fine Arts) said “Idea-Tops Award adheres to the tenet of speaking with works, and practically builds a bridge of information exchange for future designers, growing designers and famous designers, and a channel of communication for them. More importantly, the Idea-Tops Award is not limited by nationality, religion, region and country. As long as you love design and have successful design works, the Idea-Tops Award will be your best stage”.

Cui Kai (Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering) said “today China has entered an era of innovation, so Chinese design should be more and more important in the future. The Idea-Tops Award is a platform, which not only promotes the internationalization of China's design industry and the vision of international exchange, but also promotes the understanding of China by the design industry in the foreign world. I think this is a significant work”.

Meng Jianmin (Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering) said “I feel that the Idea-Tops Award is the only major award with international influence in our country. There are many awards in China, but none of them is with such influence and such a high degree of internationalization. I hope that the Idea-Tops Award will have a greater international influence in the future”.

Zhang Yue (Professor of Academy of Arts & Design at Tsinghua University) said “the Idea-Tops Award is a design award with clear direction and lofty mission. It is a relatively unique platform, spanning two fields, with both a large number of Chinese designers and many foreign designers participating. It is also a platform for integrating two different cultures, and for design comparison and competition”.

François Penz (Professor at Cambridge University) said “the Idea-Tops Award bring together designers, professors from all over the world. I think it's good for us to learn and communicate with each other now and in the future. In these awards, what we are looking forward to is connecting the past and looking forward to the future. I am looking forward to exploring new forms of concepts and inspiration from different awards ceremonies and young designers today and tomorrow. I think these young Chinese designers will be very good at bringing new concepts to life and presenting them to the design community”.

Paul Lewis (Professor at Princeton University) said “I'm looking forward to this great event of the Idea-Tops Award. I think it's very important that designers, architects and thinkers can communicate with each other. I think the important point of this grand meeting is to connect phenomena with ideas, because I think the interesting point is that the appearance is very similar, and the thinking and motivation behind it are very different in different parts of the world. I'm very glad to hear from people all over the world about the issues and ideas that promote today's design through dialogue”.

Rosetta Sarah Elkin (Professor at Harvard University) said “it's a great honor to be here at the Idea-Tops Award. I met many interesting scholars in the two-day meeting. They have different working methods, scales and forms. I think it's wise for the Idea-Tops Award to draw inspiration from other design disciplines in terms of interior design. So we need to cooperate more and have multi-faceted, different scale and multi-disciplinary teams”.

Antonino Saggio (Professor at University of Rome) said “it's a great honor to participate in the Idea-Tops International Design Forum. The Idea-Tops Award requires us to design with a vision for the future and to explain ourselves completely”.

Kofuchi Yusuke (Professor of architecture, University of Tokyo) said “in terms of global standards, high-end culture, good standards and good quality may be more inclined to Western values, which defines design quality in this way. Just like this international event of the Idea-Tops Award, knowledge and information can be shared among participants and a wider range of audience”.

Liang Jinghua (Founder and Design Director of PAL Group) said “more and more excellent designers have participated in the Idea-Tops Award, and this award has been promoted to the international, many internationally renowned designers have participated in it, the weight of the award is more and more heavy, and the judges are also more and more famous. With the increasing influence of the Idea-Tops Award, Chinese and international designers are slowly forming viscosity to the Idea-Tops Award platform, so I think this award will become an indispensable International Award in the future”.

Jia Beisi (Associate Professor, Department of architecture, University of Hong Kong) said “This year's Idea-Tops Award is a very outstanding highlight in the combination of architecture and art. Many works perfectly combine architecture and art. I personally pay more attention to the field of architectural design. Although the overall type is not many, there are still many highlights, especially some international masterpieces have also participated in the contes. We can see their contributions to design from their works”.

Zhong Dekun (Dean of the Architecture and Urban Planning School at Shenzhen University) said "This is the third time that I have participated in the evaluation of the Idea-Tops Award. This year, the overall level of my works has been greatly improved, covering more than 40 countries and regions, fully reflecting the international nature of the Idea-Tops Award. In addition, I have a profound experience that when I am a judge in many competitions, other competitions are usually one-way, or architecture, or landscape, or interior, while the Idea-Tops Award positioning space design is actually an environmental design or built-up environment design, from the large external environment, to the architectural monomer design, to the interior design, and even some interior design Specific space design. It reviews the common things in the field of design, which is one of its characteristics. In fact, with the development of the times, urban planning, architectural design, urban design, to landscape design, interior design, more and more comprehensive. I think it's a very innovative idea to follow this trend and treat this thing as a comprehensive living environment".

Peng Jun (Dean of Environment and Architecture Art College at Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts) said " With the deepening of the communication of design culture between China and the west, the design culture originated from the East is receiving the attention of the world. With the joint efforts of the design community, the Idea-Tops Award will become the design award leading the international trend ".

Today, the Idea-Tops Award has become a stage of global multi design culture display and sharing, which is playing an increasingly important role in promoting the exchange, cooperation and development of the world design industry, and in promoting Chinese design to become a respected design force in the world


A decade, is an important timing and a new starting point of Idea-Tops Award. With ten years of high-end resources and extensive influence, the Idea-Tops Award will transform from “China ‘s most international and influential space design award” to “global influential space design award”. Idea-Tops will continue to promote the exchange, cooperation and development of Chinese and foreign design industry.




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