10th Idea-Tops Award| They all have participated in this International Award!
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10th Idea-Tops Award| They all have participated in this International Award!

From east to West

Building a storm of influence for global space designers

Discovering and commending excellent designers and design works

From an era of changes to the origin of design

More importantly,

Idea-Tops Award focuses on the personal development of designers

Global design competition

Participants from more than 45 countries

Idea-Tops is open to the global architecture and interior design community, and has no restrictions on ethnicity, religion, region or nationality. It is an important award which praises outstanding talents in the architectural and interior design field, getting its recognition is a global announcement of designers' great honor.     

The most influential, internationalized and authoritative design award in China

Overseas well-known mass media, such as TACC, e-Architect (the UK), Ondeck (Greece), World Architecture Community (Turkey), Neoplus (Japan), IFJ (India) and Design TV (South Korea), have reported relevant information about Idea-Tops Award, making it one of the most influential authoritative design awards in the world.

Grand meeting of design guru

The participants of Idea-Tops Award are design masters from around world: Benedetta Tagliabue (Pritzker Prize jury, director of the acclaimed international architecture firm EMBT Miralles Tagliabue)Aaron Betsky ( president of the School of Architecture at Taliesin, the director of the 11th Venice International Architecture Biennale)Massimiliano Fuksas (winner of French Medal of Art and Literature, designer of Terminal T3 of Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport)Jean Nouvel (2008 Pritzker Prize winner, famous contemporary French architect) and others. Other participants of Idea-Tops Award include the main designers of 11 national pavilions of Expo Milano 2015 and 14 designers participants of 2016 Venice International Architecture Biennale, each of them represents the most influential design power in today's architecture industry!

Who are the winners of Idea-Tops Award

Favored by domestic and foreign design masters?

What is the value of Idea-Tops Award?

In the eyes of world famous design guru,

From the perspective of international masters,

Let’s take a look at the most authentic style of the award.

Executive Director of the Pritzker Architecture Prize since 2005, Martha Thorne evaluates: "I think Idea-Tops Award is very valuable. As you know, it is not only a design award, but also a form of dialogue, discussion and debate".

During the international final review Benedetta Tagliabue ,a Pritzker Prize jury, director of the acclaimed international architecture firm EMBT Miralles Tagliabue, said: " Although the juries are of different nationalities and speak different languages, this year’s projects let us exchange different opinions. On this design road it turned out,that  some of our opinions are similar. Idea-Tops Award not only shortens the distance between me and other judges, but also between China and the whole world".

Charles Johnston, President of the American Association of interior designers, said: "Idea-Tops Award is the most influential design award in China, which attracts nearly 7000 works from all over the world every year. The workload of evaluation process is relatively large, but each judge is full of enthusiasm and ready for intense discussion, which inspires me personally and makes selection process fair and professional. The winning works are of high quality, they all have their own characteristics , and I can not wait to meet the designers of these projects at the Awarding Ceremony".

Mark Hemel, the designer of the "China's tallest tower" Guangzhou Tower and founder of IBA office, in an exclusive interview after the 2015 launching ceremony of Nanning Division said: "I think Idea-Tops Award is a very good platform for both domestic and foreign designers, which provides opportunities for exchanging and discussing design ideas, as well as learning and personal growing. We also get new inspiration from this award and a chance to see the future development of the whole design industry".

Massimiliano Fuksas, the winner of 2013 Best Traffic Space Category of Idea-Tops Award, designer of T3 terminal of Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport and famous Italian architect, said: "As an international space design award Idea-Tops has a lot of brilliant highlights. This year’s works are the best works in the whole history of the award. It is not just a competition, it is a way of design expression, a language of all the participants. We are also proud of getting Idea-Tops Award for T3 terminal of Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport and pretty sure the works of next Idea-Tops Award will be even more interesting and creative. At the same time I would like to thank all the contestants. Thank you for showing us the new concepts of city, interior design, for showing us some amazing new things. I can't wait to meet these excellent designers at the Awarding Ceremony and witness the future development of China ".

Aaron Betsky, president of the School of Architecture at Taliesin, the director of the 11th Venice International Architecture Biennale in 2008 mentioned in the keynote speech of 2015 International Masters Forum of Idea-Tops Award: "it is a great honor to participate in the annual international forum of Idea-Tops Award and as a dean of the Faculty of Architecture at Frank Lloyd Wright, I want to share our motto with everyone: " learn from practice ". Over the last few years, my students and I have studied Shenzhen as an architectural object, and we have found that the construction of apartment buildings, small parks, and the way of displaying signs are very interesting and unique, because the new districts of Shenzhen have their own local traditions, materials and characteristics. These characteristics are not totally common for China, it is closely related to what has happened in Shenzhen, especially in the past 30 years”.

Rodger Dalling, the global director of Woods Bagot, an international architecture firm with 140 years of history, during his keynote speech at International Masters Forum of 2012 Idea-Tops Award said:“

It is a pleasure to attend a top-level design forum like Idea-Tops. We need to look back at our past to see the development in future. Technology is ubiquitous, and by achieving wireless connection and using modern technology we can make office space more flexible and open. Diversity is the key to future-oriented office space. Diversity gives us more options. We found a lot of bright spots and combined them to form a flexible and open office environment. When we look back on our past and look forward to our future, we can use modern technology, computers, mobile phones, wireless networks, etc. to create a better office environment ".

Julia Monk, vice president of HOK Design Group and co-founder of BBG-BBGM, said: "Idea-Tops Award recognizes outstanding design, which is a good change for the present and the future of design field. I think designers are problem solvers. We define a specific area and think about each problem with multiple possibilities. In the design process, we limit these possibilities and find the best solution for each project".

Graeme Scannell, a design director of Gensler, one of the best  world's architectural firms, said: "It is my first time to be invited to Idea-Tops Award as a judge I am thrilled to see all the local and foreign design works. More than 60 entries, selected by the nomination awards are very impressive. From them, we can see the changes in Chinese design and designers, as Chinese designers become more and more confident, creating better works! From the Final Review of winning works, we found that we can see the ability of designers from different categories of works. I also personally encourage more designers to actively participate in the competition, because it gives a chance to more people to understand your works. At the same time, each year Idea-Tops Award attracts many designers and does a lot of work".

Hasan Syed, a design director of Gensler (Shanghai office), one of the best world's architectural firms during the 9th Final Selection of Idea-Tops winning works, said: "I think the level of entries in this year's competition is very high, including many contributions from design companies outside China, and the quality of works is also very impressive. It demonstrates a high attention to Idea-Tops Award both in China and abroad. It is very important for each designer to be recognized by architectural and design awards. And it can be predicted that Idea-Tops Award will attract more designers, especially some young designers in the industry. It is necessary to let the whole world know about Idea-Tops Award and its winners because the platform enables more outstanding designers around the world to show their works to the whole world, gather and share the knowledge of global design, technology, innovation, development and other aspects.

Colin Franzen, executive director of AECOM (Shanghai office), one of the world's top three architecture firms, said: "The entries of Idea-Tops Award are very exciting, the judges are impressed by the high-quality entries from all over the world. During the final review, we also had a heated discussion on some excellent works. In my opinion, the level of internationalization of Idea-Tops Award is very high, it connects the East and the West. It enables designers from different countries and cultural backgrounds to have industrial exchange. The global architectural design market is constantly developing and maturing. In 2019, we will face many challenges, but at the same time, the architectural design market will continue to grow, and I sincerely hope to see more architectural works in the coming year".

Michele Mole, designer of the Italian National Pavilion of the Milan World Expo and winner of the Italian Republic's Medal of president for art and culture, said: "I was surprised to see Idea-Tops Award works of high quality different countries. These works demonstrate to me the overall improvemen of architectural level in China and whole Asia. I am delighted to be a judge of Idea-Tops Award in China for the first time and strongly believe it is a good way to establish the closest relationship between Chinese architectural culture and Italian or European architectural culture".

Darren Cartlidge, head of Atkins (Asia Pacific region), the UK's number one design group, said: "As designers, we want the world to recognize the skills we put into the design process. Idea-Tops Award enables us to get to know each other better, to meet other professional designers, clients, researchers, scholars, and other very important figures in design field. We also have more opportunities to communicate with today's professional teams and architects".

Jean-Paul Cassulo, president of the Administrative Region of the French National Association of architects “Provence-Alpes-Blue-Coast”, said: "It is a great honor for me to participate in Idea-Tops Final Selection of winning works. The design level of the entries is high and I strongly believe Idea-Tops Award will develop better and better year by year, moving to a broader international arena".

Takeshi Masaaki, international councillor of the Japan Business Environment Design Association, said: "It is my first time to participate in Idea-Tops Award and I was very surprised with a high level of the Awarding Ceremony. Idea-Tops G10 summit is also very special and I see the design in China develops rapidly. And I hope it to get better and better in future".

Francis Surjaseputra, president of Indonesia National Design Association, said: "Idea-Tops Award’s series of events are very rich and vivid, the topics raised on Idea-Tops Award Master Forum are very meaningful and encourage designers to think deeply. Idea-Tops Award brings together many international designers and inspire them to make progress together".

Johannesc Jaeger, founder of Jaeger and Partner Architects, said: "Idea-Tops Award gave me the opportunity to listen to design experts from around the world who shared their experience, which is similar to that in Germany.Chinese and Western cultures and philosophy interact and integrate with each other through Idea-Tops Award, giving a chance for bigger exchange and discussion in the future".

2015 century dialogue: 8 Big World Expo National Pavilion designers sharing the same stage

Mihkel Tüüür, chief designer of the 2015 Estonian Pavilion at Expo Milano, said: "I feel great. Idea-Tops Award is a great and well organized event. It's interesting to be able to share your ideas with people from different institutions and countries. We can share our knowledge and form cross-cultural interaction".

Klaus Leonhart, chief designer of the 2015 Austrian Pavilion at Expo Milano, said: "I believe this is an important step towards a closer dialogue between academicians and design community around the world. Idea-Tops Award is open to the whole world, it creates a closer connection, which is of great concern to people in the global design community".

Braila Pavel, chief designer of the 2015 Moldova Pavilion at Expo Milano, said: "The event like Idea-Tops brings a variety of knowledge and hope as well as an opportunity for us to know each other better. I believe it brings a new hope for the success of Chinese designers and architects. At the same time, other people who come here can exchange their views and get inspiration from Chinese culture".




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