Competition strategy|Participate in this international authoritative award, beco
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Competition strategy|Participate in this international authoritative award, become a new design star!

"Our designers think deeply about the world we are facing today, while keeping in mind our future, focusing on both present and future development. Designers are probably one kind of the most creative people on our planet. They are creating our future. Excellent design can accelerate social development, cultivate social aesthetics, promote social and urban creativity, model our city and our future. " (from the speech of Zheng Shiling, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chairman of the International Academic Committee of Idea-Tops Award, during the Awarding Ceremony of 6th International Space Design Award Idea-Tops)

International Space Design Award—IDEA-TOPS is the most influential, internationalized and authoritative design award in China. Idea-Tops Award aims to identify and praise designers and works that pursue innovation and greatness in the form of technology application, artistic performance and reproduction of cultural characteristics. It also aims to create the world's most ideological and influential design award.

The Awarding Ceremony of 7th International Space Design Award Idea-Tops 

The Awarding Ceremony of 8th International Space Design Award Idea-Tops 

The Awarding Ceremony of 9th International Space Design Award Idea-Tops The designers’ never-ending wisdom, advanced innovative ideas and goodwill towards humanity and environment are what Idea-Tops Award is all about.

As an important award for outstanding talent, Idea-Tops is held once a year with an Awarding Ceremony held in April, and open for submissions from the global design community. Idea-Tops trophy represents big honor for its winner in the field of architecture and interior design.

Executive Director of the Pritzker Architecture Prize Martha Thorne (left), Executive Chairman of Idea-Tops Award Zhao Qingxiang (right)

Executive Chairman of Idea-Tops Award Zhao Qingxiang (left) and Consul General of Mexico to China Carlos Giralt Cabrales (right) are presenting "Best Cultural Space Design Award" to a Mexican designer Roth

Ambassador of Bulgaria to China Porozhanov Grigor Kalinov (left) and Ambassador of friendship between China and Russia, Russian famous film star Silina (right) are presenting "Best Commercial Space Design Award" to Bulgarian designer from DA architects

From East to West

Creating a storm of influence for global space designers
International Space Design Award—Idea-Tops, which is supported by related government departments, was initiated by China Interior Design Website A963 —the first portal among the architectural and interior design industry in China, together with three academic institutions: Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University, China Central Academy of Fine Arts and Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts. 

The global promotion of Idea-Tops Award has already been held in more than 50 cities worldwide, on more than 77 large-scale design forums and more than 50 high-level design salons. It has attracted more than 200000 Chinese and foreign designers who have participated in Idea-Tops events.
Idea-Tops events’ footprints are covering mainland China, Taiwan, Singapore, USA, Greece, Italy, Australia, Dubai and other key cities, showing to the world the designers' forward-looking ideas of innovation and inexhaustible wisdom, meanwhile, promoting international exchange and cooperation in design through its professional influence, academic influence and international influence. More than 100 media partners, including TASC, CCTV, Phoenix Satellite TV, Hong Kong Satellite TV, People's Daily, Xinhua Daily and Nanfang Daily, also reported on the global promotion of Idea-Tops Award.

Numerous domestic and foreign media channels have reported the events of Idea-Tops Award

After ten years of consistent development, Idea-Tops has become the design award with the highest degree of internationalization, the largest international influence, the widest range of participants, and the highest level and quality of design. The total number of entries exceeds 40000, and the number still continues to increase by thousands every year. 

Idea-Tops Award not only attracted around one million architects and interior designers from 45 countries and regions, including UK, USA, France, Italy, Germany, Greece, Sweden, Portugal, Israel, South Korea, Japan, etc., but enabled a group of thoughtful and potential designers or design enterprises grow up quickly! It's the most influential, internationalized and authoritative design award in China.

From era of changes to the origin of designIdea-Tops Award’ constant focus on the development of designers

As an Interior Space Design Award with the highest degree of internationalization in China, Idea-Tops not only enables a group of thoughtful and potential designers or design enterprises grow up quickly, but also attracts more and more overseas architects and designers to submit their projects for Idea-Tops Award platform and improve their popularity and development in Chinese market. 
In China, over two-thirds of real estate developers choose Idea-Tops awardees as preferred partners, more and more high-end project investors, business groups and hotel groups connect with Idea-Tops Organizing Committee to seek cooperation with top designers or design institutions. 

In 2015, CMD (China-Middle East Development Group) entrusted the Idea-Tops Organizing Committee to recommend a winner of Idea-Tops to design the 151st floor of the world's tallest building Burj Dubai, and finally entrusted Mr. Hong Zhongxuan, the winner of 2014 Idea-Tops Award, to take charge of the project. In early April of that year CMD (China-Middle East Development Group) and the Idea-Tops Organizing Committee, Emaar (one of the world's largest real estate companies), and HHD Hong Kong Holiday Oriental International Design Agency officially held a signing ceremony at the world's tallest building Burj Khalifa Tower in Dubai.

Signing ceremony of interior design project of 151st floor of the world's tallest building Burj Khalifa Tower in Dubai

Designers from China have entered the Middle East market for the first time and showed the excellence of Chinese culture at the highest point in the world. This entrustment established a new foundation for Chinese design force to expand and be recognized by international high-end market.

Signing ceremony of Rongjiang Yunxi Jinting project

In 2016, promoted by the Organizing Committee of Idea-Tops Award, Wu Wenzi (Shenzhen Huge Rock Design Studio) nominated by Idea-Tops Award and Michele Molè, designer of Italy Pavilion Expo 2015 and the winner of Medal of Merit for Culture and Art of the Presidency of the Italian Republic reached a cooperation agreement.
According to the agreement, both sides collaborated on the customized design of Rongjiang Yunxi Jinting, the residential benchmark of Qianhai Free Trade Zone in Shenzhen. This cooperation is another practical collision between Chinese and Western cultures. It also demonstrates a positive development direction of international business with Idea-Tops Award as a mediator.

Idea-Tops Award has become a platform for multi culture design display and exchange and plays an increasingly important role in promoting cooperation and development of the world design industry, as well as promoting Chinese design as a respected design force in today's international interior design field

This year Idea-Tops Award celebrates its 10th anniversary, which is an important node and a new starting point in the development process of the award. A few months ago, on June 14th, the 10th anniversary global promotion of the International Space Design Award – Idea-Tops was launched in New York, United States, which opened the curtain to the global promotion of Idea-Tops. With high-end resources and extensive influence accumulated in the past decade, Idea-Tops has embarked on a new journey from "the most international and authoritative professional design award in China" to "the globally influencial professional design award". It aims to promote Chinese design as a globally respected design force, and promote the development, exchange and cooperation between the Chinese and foreign design industries. 
At present, the collection of works for 10th International Space Design AwardIdea-Tops is in full swing and are looking forward to designers’ excellent projects!

Competition Guideline

Key dates for the competition
The deadline of submission: 31st December, 2019.
The jury review: January, 2020.
The awarding ceremony: April, 2020.

Participation Qualification

Idea-Tops is open to the global architecture and interior design community, and has no restrictions on ethnicity, religion, region or nationality. Entries must be projects completed in the last two years. The submission must provide realistic photos. Besides, group work must mark the name of the chief designer.

Submission Processes

First step:
Sign up at the official website of Idea-tops ( or its media platform—China Interior Design Website ( Please make sure the information is real and complete, so that the organizer is able to contact you. (When you sign up, the system will jump to the official launch platform of the Idea-Tops automatically——A963 Design network:

Second step:
Release works and submit materials. Competitors must provide:
1. The entries are selected in 10 realistic photos (JPG, JPEG, GIf, PNG, BMP format, the resolution should be at least 300dpi)
2. Floor plan and other related drawings which can show the features of the entry, Photos of participants or groups (the resolution should be at least 300 dpi)
3. Text description of design concept
4. Select the category, read online and check out the agreement to enter the Idea-Tops

Third step:
1. Selects the "Participate in Idea-Tops" to pay the entry fee online, success in payment means completion with submission.
2. Fill out Idea-Tops application form
3. For assistance, please call 86-755-8386 9568, 4000 168 963

Standard of Entry Fee

1. Mainland China and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Regions: 800 RMB /Pieces of work; overseas participants: $150 /pieces of work.
2. The entry fee will be paid upon confirmation of the entry. You can not refund your fee for any reason after your successful entry. Regardless of the outcome of the competition, including disqualification, the fee will not be refunded.

Award Categories

■ Architecture Design
1. Public Architecture Design: the public Architectures including office buildings, commercial facilities, hotels, cultural facilities, educational facilities, research facilities, sports facilities, etc.
2. Residential Architecture Design: the residential buildings such as single, row, low, middle and high-rise apartments, etc.
3.Green Architecture Design: All kinds of buildings can save resources( save energy, save Land, save water and save materials), protect the environment, reduce pollution, provide people with healthy, applicable and efficient use of space, and live in harmony with nature.
4.Digital Architecture Design: All kinds of new architectural types that can apply the digital technology developed at the end of the 20th century to design, produce, and manage new architectural types in different areas.

■ Interior Design
1. Commercial Space Design: All kind of commercial spaces: Shopping Malls, specialty stores, retail stores, hair centers, bookstores, etc.
2.Cultural Space Design: Public spaces for cultural and educational functions such as schools, churches, museums, concert halls and theaters, etc.
3.Dinning Space Design: All kind of restaurants and dinning area such as theme restaurants, taverns, special style restaurants, chain restaurants, etc.
4. Office Space Design: All kinds of office premises, including the corporate headquarters building, financial institutions business premises, small office buildings, etc.
5.Exhibition Space Design: The exhibition hall or different from that of the retail store, service publicity and exhibition centre, including the Real Estate Marketing Center and the temporary exhibition hall built by the exhibition hall,etc.
6.Entertainment Space Design: All kinds of bars, nightclubs, and other entertainment venues, etc.
7.Transportation Space Design: Public building spaces such as airports, wharves, railway stations, bus stations, etc.
8. Hotel Design: All kinds of hotels, such as business hotel, boutique hotel, theme hotel, special price hotel, urban hotel and holiday hotel, resort and so on. The standard for hotel category recognition is that interior design projects must have rooms, lobbies and cafes, etc.
9.Club Design: All leisure places, such as all kinds of SPA centre, clubhouse, SPA, etc
10.Villa Design: All associated or detached residential building spaces
11.Flat Design: General residential apartments, affordable housing
12.Prototype Room Design: The real estate industry is used for selling, not for specific residential room sample display space.

■ Art Display Design:
It is designed to construct space and human relations, and to display the movable or easily changing soft environment design of the artistic value of space design, including furniture, soft wares, decorative paintings, art accessories, etc.

■ Lighting Environment Design:
Excellent design work in lighting design.

Processes of Award

1. Nomination Award: 5 nominees each category, totally 90 nominees.
2. Best Design Award: 1 winner each category, totally 18 winners.
The organizers reserve the right to withhold awards not deemed to meet the required standard in any category.

Processes of Award Submission and Selection

1. Award level:
From low to high: Division Award (Shortlist Award, Excellence Award, bronze, silver, gold) , Global Nomination Award, and The Best Global Design Award. Special awards may also be offered.
2. Processes of Award Submission and Selection:
1. Division Award (Preliminary Stage) : Entries from the competition area will be assessed by the division expert panel. Gold, silver, bronze and excellence awards for each professional category were assessed in the division. (The city or territory that has not yet authorized the establishment of the divisional executive committee will be assessed by the adjudication panel of the Idea-Tops headquarters ). 
2. Global Nomination Award (Review Stage): The gold, silver and bronze award winners of each division will be awarded the Idea-Tops Global Nomination Award. The awards will be selected by professional category. The nominations will be limited to five globally for each professional category. The award-winning certificate and the media will be jointly signed by the Idea-Tops awards committee.
3. The World’s Best Design Award (final stage): Winning entries will be awarded to the nominated works in the final round of the Idea-Tops awards. Selected by the international jury of the Idea-Tops from five nominated works by professional category. The best design awards are limited to one person in each category. They are presented with the honor certificates of the world's best design awards of Idea Tops and the Idea-Tops trophy.

Judging Principles

With the principles of being professional, rigorous, impartial and fair, Idea-Tops conducts the judging with high professional standard, professional responsibility and rigorous attitude, each of the judges should sign an oath to promise to comply with the contest rules and disciplines, respect each participant and their works, and evaluate all the entries in a fair manner.

Judging Criteria

The Idea-Tops awards will be reviewed according to the four aspects of innovation, function, artistry and environmental protection.
1. Innovativeness: the entry has special and original design concept, distinct and unique characteristics. (30 scores)
1) Innovative design concept and method;
2) Creative technology and materials;
3) Original and exquisite expression of design art.
2. Functionality: the entry has scientific design, rational function, and meets professional standards. (20 scores)
1) Ingenious function and creative application;
2) Reasonable arrangement of functions which focuses on users' needs;
3) Perfect combination of function, technology and environment.
3. Artistry: the entry has high-level aesthetic taste that shows humanistic characteristics and connotation. (30 scores)
1) Novel and original performance of art;
2) Excellent humanistic connotation, outstanding features of regional culture and art;
3) Perfect combination of art and engineering technology.
4. Environmental protection: the entry reflects ecological civilization and complies with environmental requirements. (20 scores)
1) The entry creates and leads a green and ecological lifestyle;
2) The designer makes full use of green science and technology, combines environmental protection with innovative science and technology perfectly.
3) The designer understands and takes full advantage of geographical and environmental characteristics, establishes an environment-friendly living environment.

Award Promotion
1. Collection of works:The official website( Idea-Tops is a permanent source of information on the winners and winners of the award.
2. Publication of the Yearbook:one issue of the award-winning works of the Idea-Tops awards per session ,and public offering.
3.Roving Promotion:To organize roving exhibitions to showcase the work of award-winning designers of the Idea-Tops, to disseminate the avant-garde innovative ideas of the designers of the Idea-Tops and the never-ending wisdom of design to enhance public influence.
4.Global Mobilization:Idea-Tops encourages project cooperation and academic exchange activities among global partners and urban divisions as a means of promoting international design exchange and cooperation
5. Media Dissemination:The excellent works of Idea-Tops will be shown online as well as offline. And through the Idea-Tops award in cooperation with the media home and abroad, industry-renowned magazines, internet and new media for the publicity of the award winners and their works, and the popularization of their works
6. Business Opportunities:The Ides-Tops award advocates "good projects, good design" , and the Idea-Tops encourages global partners and city divisions to build collaborative platforms for high-quality projects and winners.
Collection of works for 10th Idea-Tops Award

Registration will be closed on December 31st, 2019Welcome designers to log in directlyWorks should be submitted at www.idea-tops.comTogether with the world's top designersEnter into rivalry for the highest honor in space designGive yourself a chanceGive you future infinite possibilitiesIdea-Tops Award, show your designLooking forward to your participation!




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