Liu Yu-Tung, Judge of The 9th Idea-Tops Award
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Liu Yu-Tung (Doctor of Design, Harvard University) says: “being rigorous and impartial is the strong vitality of the Idea-Tops Award.”


The 9th Awarding Ceremony of International Space Design Award -- IDEA-TOPS, will be held in Shenzhen from April 26th to 27th. 18 Global Best Design Awards will be revealed worldwide on the day of the Awarding Ceremony on 27th, April. Designers, entrepreneurs and media representatives from nearly 40 countries and regions will jointly witness the birth of the 9th Idea-Tops Award design stars.



Liu Yu-Tung

Doctor of Design, Harvard University

Vice-President and Chair Professor, Asia University

Liu Yu-Tung believes that one of the important reasons why the Idea-Tops Award can attract top designers from so many countries and regions to participate in the competition is that the Idea-tops Award is professional, rigorous, fair and impartial. In the final review, some judges will take the initiative to avoid judging the works from their own company to show fairness, which largely represents the strict requirements of the Award for the evaluation, as well as the fairness. As a result Idea-Tops can attract more excellent works from home and abroad to participate in the competition.


ReporterWhat’s your opinion on the impartiality of Idea-Tops Award?

Liu Yu-Tung: I think one of the reasons why Idea-Tops Award can attract so many excellent works from more than 40 countries and regions both at home and abroad to participate in the competition is that the judging principle is professional, rigorous, fair and impartial. Especially in the final review, we have no idea which country or region the works come from.

In addition, a very special situation happened in our final review this year. We invited a judge who is the director of the world's top three architect firms. He did not know that his company had submitted works to participate in the competition. When we evaluated one of the 18 awards, he suddenly found his own company's works, and he said he had to leave to show fairness. Later when it came to another category, his headquarters company signed up for the competition, and he quitted judging again to show fairness. Eventually, neither of the two works won from his company. I think this largely represents the consistent requirements of the final review and the rigorous and impartiality of Idea-Tops Award. Therefore it can attract more excellent works from home and abroad to participate in the competition.



The International Jury is consisted of 12 senior experts in the field, who use the principles of being professional, rigorous, fair and just, respect every participant and their works, discover and praise the best designs around the world. Apart from Liu Yu-Tung, Others are Meng Jianmin (National Architecture Design Master), Benedetta Tagliabue (Judge of the Pritzker Architecture Prize), Massimiliano Fuksas (famous Italian architect and designer of Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport T3 terminal), Colin Franzen (Executive Director of AECOM), and the like.





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