G10 Design Summit
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A place, where the world’s leading designers come together to share their knowledge


      G10 (GROUP10) Design Summit is an international event during which practitioners, academics and other players from the design scene will get together to address a broad spectrum of issues related to the various disciplines of design and architecture.

The summit was initiated and launched by Organizing Committee of Idea-Tops Award and takes place every year in Shenzhen, China. The primary mission of G10 Design Summit is to bring together some of the most talented minds in the industry in order to foster cooperation and international exchange in design, provide a platform for professional advancement, and demonstrate the tremendous power of design and design thinking to create viable, sustainable solutions to global social and environmental challenges.

What are the innovative design ideas and actions that could bring about better futures? What is the role of design in the age of artificial intelligence? Smart cities of future. These are the key and essential questions that will drive discussions at this year’s G10 Design Summit.

G10 Design Summit will bring together international experts from all over the world in the fields of design and architecture with different cultural backgrounds, experience and ideas. More than a mere celebration of design, the summit will demonstrate the tremendous power of design to create viable solutions to global social, economic, cultural and environmental challenges.


Overview of the Summit

Title: G10 Design Summit
Date: April 27th, 2019  
The COLI Hotel Shenzhen
Host City: Shenzhen, China
Design Trends in the Age of Artificial Intelligence







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