Idea-Tops Builds a Partnership with Turkey’s World Architecture Community
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Idea-Tops Builds a Partnership with Turkey’s World Architecture Community


Recently, Idea-Tops built a partnership with Turkey’s World Architecture Community (WAC), WAC becomes one of its overseas media partners. This is a successful cross country collaboration, which lays a good foundation for the exchange and cooperation between China and Turkey’s design field.


Idea-Tops: a top platform for the cultural exchange of global designs


Since the establishment of International Space Design Award—Idea-Tops, its orientation has the characteristics of being international. Idea-Tops aims to create the world’s most thoughtful and influential design award through discovering and recognizing the best designers and design works all over the world. In the past nine years, it has held grand tour activities in more than 50 cities worldwide, with footprints covering China, US, Greece, Italy, Australia, Dubai, Singapore, Russia and other places. Idea-Tops shows to the world the designers’ forward-looking ideas of innovation and inexhaustible wisdom, promotes international exchange and cooperation in design community, builds an important link of communication between Chinese and western designs. With the continuous efforts, Idea-Tops’ global influence is increasing day by day.


World Architecture Community: a global platform where international contemporary architecture is expressed from all horizons


Founded in 2006, World Architecture Community ( provides a unique environment for architects, architecture students and academics around the globe to meet, share and compete. With over 130,000 twitter followers, World Architecture Community (@WACommunity) is also very actively followed on social media. Architecture news articles published on World Architecture Community were viewed close to 100 million times and projects posted by its members were viewed over 30 million times in total, since 2008. Although their News section covers all sorts of projects or people around the architecture scene, their Projects portfolio of >12,000 is exclusively uploaded by its community members.


As a truly global platform, WAC is the place where international contemporary architecture is expressed from all horizons while providing an equal opportunity to those countries generally less covered by international media. Its community members from over 170 countries create their own profile pages where they can share their own information, short CV, contact information, etc.


Since 2006 and for over 25 Cycles, World Architecture Community organises the prestigious and acclaimed Word Architecture Community Awards (WA Awards). The WA Awards highlights and recognizes remarkable projects that might otherwise remain unnoticed by the international public, yet have the potential to inspire exciting questions about contemporary architectural discourse.

The now famous WA Awards competition recognizes the best projects and buildings in 3 different categories: Designed, Realized and Student. Up-to 10+5+X projects are awarded every cycle since over 20 cycles, 3 times a year in a totally democratic selection, made by a combination of the votes of honorary members and previous cycle winners (10), as well as the ratings of our community members (5). Finally, the “X” will be those projects, which did not make it to the final selection of 10 or 5, but which had that something “special”, that made them worthy of selection and acknowledgement as “X” by the WA Jury.


WAC launched the Country Editors/Reporters Program at the beginning of 2017. In a nutshell, they recruit voluntary community members as country reporters from around the globe, to share their local architecture news with fellow architects. As such they become the voice of their country on WAC while being the face of WAC in their own countries. Till now, no other Architecture site gives this opportunity to its members, or is enriched by such a diverse pool of news articles.

Tarkan Selahiye

CEO of World Architecture Community


“The Belt and Road”,  Win-Win Cooperation in Four Aspects


The cooperation between Idea-Tops and WAC symbolizes a good beginning of the  collaboration between China and Turkey’s design circles, which is also a part of Idea-Tops’ important international strategies, and one of the important times during its internationalization.


At the opening ceremony of Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation which was held on May 14th 2017, Turkish President Mr Erdogan said, “The Belt and Road Initiative will be a momentous strategy in the history, it connects Asia, Africa, Europe and even America.” Turkey is an important country along “The Beltand Road” and it has important geographical advantages. Turkey has proposed a “Mid-Corridor” initiative that will be well connected to the “The Belt and Road” initiative.


Leaders of WAC are very happy to partner with Idea-Tops as a Media Partner and to promote our events and competitions. They believe this is only the beginning of a mutually beneficial and prosperous partnership, and they hope that we can build a long-term relationship in three aspects.


1. Audience:

WAC thinks that the most obvious result of this cooperation will be to help mutually promote our activities, i.e. while Idea-Tops will promote WAC to its audience and in particular to its Chinese audience, WAC will open Idea-Tops to a broader international community or audience, composed exclusively of architects and architecture students/academics.


2. News Exchange:

WAC said that both of us are portals in the design filed, but each has different emphasis, WAC’s focus is currently more on the Architecture, while Idea-Tops’ official media platform—A963 Design Portal ( is a little bit more on Interior Design. On this specific point, they believe there is room for cooperation in terms of news articles exchange/sharing. This will allow some of WAC’s news to reach our audience and in particular in our Chinese language edition, but also in our international edition, while some of our news articles may be propagated to a broader international audience through WAC’s medium. Furthermore, they currently have plans to expand their focus from exclusively Architecture to Interior Design and Architecture Materials in the near future, which may even further reinforce such a cooperation with A963.


3. Country Reporters / Editors:

WAC launched at the beginning of 2017, its Country Reporter / Editor program. The aim is to have local reporters feed into World Architecture Community’s news section about local architecture news, trends, events, etc. (you may find more information about this program here). They started receiving a great number of voluntary applications, some of whom are already actively writing news articles for WAC, however and surprisingly, none yet from China where so much is happening in the Architecture scene. Therefore, they hope to get from the cooperation is eventually for us to announce/promote this program or to recommend some individuals that may be a good fit for this great visibility opportunity.



Build a Cross-nation Bridge and Let Chinese Design Move Towards the World


Mr. Zhao Qingxiang, Chairman of Idea-Tops Organizing Committee, said that, “Turkey is another booming emerging economy after ‘Brics’, such as China, Russia, India, Brazil and South Africa, and is one of the world’s top five fastest growing economy, its mature tourism also promotes the fast development of architecture design in hotel and tourism industries. As China is actively promoting ‘The Belt and Road’ initiative, the exchange and cooperation in design industry between the two countries are expected todevelop rapidly.” “Idea-Tops establishes a collaborative, communicating and sustainable stage for designers and related industries at home and abroad, discovers and cultivates more excellent design elites, enlarges the voice of Chinese design, lets Chinese design move towards the world, as well as builds a bridge for overseas outstanding architects and design teams to enter the Chinese market, thus to provide opportunities for high-end owners and developers to enjoy excellent design services across national borders.I’m very happy that WAC becomes Idea-Tops’ media partner. I believe that this will boost the development of the design industry in China and Turkey and promote two countries’ economic development and social progress, which will further expand Idea-Tops’ global influence at the same time.”


With a history of nine years, Idea-Tops has entered into its ninth session, the quantity of entries increases progressively each year, and we believe this year it will make more achievements. More and more real estate developers, hotel investors and project owners choose winners of Idea-Tops as the cooperation partners, and more and more excellent project investors, business groups from all over the world contact Idea-Tops Organizing Committee for project collaborations. 


Right now, 9th INTERNATIONAL SPACE DESIGN AWARD IDEA-TOPS is calling for entries, please visit for more details.




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