By Mariano Molina 08-02-2021 0CommentsPopularity:100000

The house is located in an old and prestigious development of the metropolitan area of Madrid. It was originally a privately owned piece of Mediterranean forest that, despite the demographic pressure in the area, has...


By Mariano Molina 08-02-2021 0CommentsPopularity:100000

The site was a plot with great potential due to its location in the seafront and its prominence, but burdened with challenges of topographical, geometric and urban nature. Topographically, the sloped terrain was, as usual, an...

  • Name:Mariano Molina
  • Country:Spain
  • Specialty: Residential Architecture
  • Position:Principal
  • Introduction: MMA is an architectural office located in Madrid that provides architectural design services at all scales and consu...
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