Integrated Community Center in Hindu-para Rohingya Refugee Camp

By Hassan Rizvi 21-12-2020 0CommentsPopularity:100000

Hindupara community is the minority group among Rohingya refugees who are now living in the world’s largest refugee camp in Kutupalong. Host communities in Bangladesh have been sharing their resources, land & everyday...

Beyond Survival_A Safe Space for Women & Girls

By Hassan Rizvi 21-12-2020 0CommentsPopularity:100000

How fast a landscape changes is quite astonishing to witness and how fast people cope up is more of a surprise. The influx happened in August 25 of 2017 and since then Rohingya refugees, local hosting communities as well as...

  • Name:Hassan Rizvi
  • Country:Bangladesh
  • Specialty: Culture Public Architecture
  • Position:Architect
  • Introduction: Architecture surely is just a beautiful tool to enhance quality of life. As a solo practitioner, I aim to work in...
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