Royal Lounge

By Junwoong Seog 03-01-2020 0CommentsPopularity:100000

The Double-Sidedness with Inside and Outside Things that are visually very clean contain something other than the appearance behind them or renew things beyond their appearance. That’s the case with faucets and...

Aeichi Korean Medical Clinic

By Junwoong Seog 03-01-2020 0CommentsPopularity:100000

  I have been working as a space designer for decades, and I realized that relationships with people and everything that is done in the relationships with people are important. And I think that the medium that...

  • Name:Junwoong Seog
  • Country:South Korea
  • Specialty: Healthcare Mixed-Use Retail
  • Position:Chief Designer & Director
  • Introduction: BY SEOG BE SEOG started by the space designer Seog Jun-woong in 2013, Seoul, Korea.  We design...
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