Los Cobos Medical Center

By Daniel Bonilla 03-12-2019 0CommentsPopularity:100000

The design was envisioned with two main elements: a platform with a tower above it, where the first one hosts the hospital facilities, while the second one allocates the hospitalization services. Furthermore, the platform was...

Central University vertical Campus

By Daniel Bonilla 23-11-2019 0CommentsPopularity:100000

The proposed building is the first stage of a series of recommended interventions within the master plan proposal developed earlier for the University. The project was based on an urban premise that intended to improve...

  • Name:Daniel Bonilla
  • Country:Colombia
  • Specialty: Civic Others Public Architecture
  • Position:Director
  • Introduction: Architect with bachelor degree from Los Andes University (Bogotá, 1986), Master degree in Urban Design from Oxford...
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