By Mathieu Luyens 15-09-2014 0CommentsPopularity:100000

The creation of a relaxing appeal for this business was the starting point for the design of this new beauty salon. During their treatment, customers need to be able to unwind, relax, enjoy themselves and experience...

Mister Grill

By Mathieu Luyens 15-09-2014 0CommentsPopularity:100000

It was the architects’ intent to bring this typical buffet restaurant to a higher level and give it a feeling of luxury. The buffet area has been subtly integrated into the interior so that all the attention is directed to...

  • Name:Mathieu Luyens
  • Country:Belgium
  • Specialty: Mixed-Use Residential Retail
  • Position:Owner
  • Introduction:Underneath the towers The historic city of Ghent has so much more to offer than its three towers forming a magnifice...
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