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first nameGeorges
last nameHung
CountryHong Kong, China
Address,0,0,Hong Kong, China
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Date of Birth
Graduated fromEcole d'Architecture de Versailles, France
Specializes in designing Corporate Culture Civic Entertainment Hotel Mixed-Use Residential Retail
So the unitStudio Georges Hung
Unit TitleDirector
Social functions
ProfileStudio Georges Hung is an international award winning, plural-disciplinary, design-led and innovative design studio composed of international and local architects, designers, and specialized disciplines. SGH blurs the boundaries between urban context and public realm, between architecture and landscape, between interior and exterior. We work within the in-between realm of the tangible and the intangible. Within our studio, we specialize in crafting integrated and cohesive designs. Providing imaginative and inventive solutions for stakeholders in both the private and public sectors, we respond to both regional and global demands in master planning, urban design, architecture, landscape and furniture design. SGH is a collective and collaborative experience, led by Georges Hung Architecte D.P.L.G., working around the globe from Asia to Europe and to North America, across different scales and typologies, spanning geographical and cultural boundaries. The Studio’s ultimate goals are to engender the highly creative, imaginative and inventive spirit in every project; to respond and to respect the client’s goals and objectives; and ultimately to contribute added value and unexpected connections in the local and global communities through creative design.
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