About Me
first nameTiago
last namedo Vale
Personal Web sitetiagodovale.com
Date of Birth
Graduated from
Specializes in designing Corporate Culture Civic Catering Entertainment Healthcare Hotel Mixed-Use Residential Retail Others Residential Architecture Green Architecture Digital Architecture Public Architecture
So the unitTiago do Vale Architects
Unit TitleSenior Architect
Social functions
Profile Architect by the University of Coimbra, was Senator and Member of the Assembly of the University. Editor of Design Media Publishing’s “Urban Complex” book, and its Chinese edition by Liaoning Science and Technology Publishing House “城市综合体”. Published throughout the world, Tiago do Vale has given lectures and signed articles on architecture, urban planning and rehabilitation in several publications.  Juror of the DAS Awards 2016 (Moldavia). Juror on behalf of the Portuguese Architects Board of the João de Almada Award in 2016 (Portugal). Curator of the “Mesturas II, International Architecture Encounters Galicia-Portugal” in 2016 (Portugal). Curator of the “Mesturas, International Architecture Encounters Galicia-Portugal” in 2015 (Spain). Curator of the “Urban Dialogues, International Architecture Congress” in 2014 (Portugal). His work has been exhibited both in Portugal and abroad. Shortlisted for the German Design Award 2018 Finalist in the COAG 2017 Architecture Awards (Spain) Bronze Winner in the American Architecture Prize 2016 Winner in the 2015 A+ Awards Winner of the Professor Joaquim Veríssimo Serrão Award 2015 of the Portuguese History Academy (collaboration) Selected for the National Award for Wood Architecture 2015 Winner in the 2014 Building of the Year Awards First Honorable Mention IHRU 2014 Award Shortlisted for the National Urban Rehabilitation Award 2014 Shortlisted for the Construir Awards 2014 Shortlisted for the Rehabilitation in Construction Awards 2014
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