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first nameMinh Quang
last nameLe
Tel+84 905230395
Personal Web sitehttps://mw-arch.com
Date of Birth1983-06-04
Graduated fromVan Lang University
Specializes in designing Corporate Culture Catering Entertainment Healthcare Hotel Mixed-Use Retail Residential Architecture Green Architecture Digital Architecture Public Architecture
Unit Title102/27A au duong lan, ward 3, district 8, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam
Social functions
Profile   Year of birth: 1983 Before entering university to study Architecture in Ho Chi Minh City, Le Minh Quang architect was born and raised in the coastal city of Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa province. 2008: Graduated from Van Lang University, Ho Chi Minh City. 2013 to present: Founder, CEO and Principal Architect of the company MW Archstudio. Design Criteria: To build a civilized, humanistic and multidimensional design philosophy on the basis of the unique identity of Vietnamese architecture in the process of integration with world architecture at present and in the distant future. At the same time, he shows the role of an architect, positively to the environment, natural ecological system, and social landscape. Contribute to a positive change towards functioning by the earth's natural environment that the architectural community or architectural community around the world is in balance.   In addition to the scientific factors, architectural physics, and the mandatory elements of an architectural work must be achieved. Most of MW Archstudio's works always focus on indigenous factors through many typical features of contemporary tropical architecture. Especially, the multi-dimensional interactive relationships between people, architectural works and the environmental and social context are always clearly shown.   During the integration of Vietnamese architecture with the contemporary world architectural environment, Le Minh Quang architect and MW Archstudio are always aware of the continuing and continuing role in that general context. It is the task of selective inheritance in all cultural, historical, and indigenous elements through the architectural environment in the past. But at the same time, it is necessary to combine the above mentioned factors with contemporary and civilization to build a breakthrough, bold vision in architectural theory and composition.   The most important thing is to make a positive spread to the community inside and outside the architecture through architectural works with sustainable practicality, humanity is clearly demonstrated by the works of MW Archstudio has been, is and will work with consistency in the aforementioned design philosophy and factors. From there, the biggest goal is to contribute to building a sustainable and civilized social ecosystem of Vietnam in particular and for the world in general.
Success Stories - 2016: The contest “FuturArc Green Leadership Award” by BCI Asia Singapore / “Thao Ho Home Furnishings” Project (Winner award _ Commercial category) - 2016: Architectural Award of Architects Council Asia “ARCASIA AWARDS FOR ARCHITECTURE (AAA)” in Hong Kong / “Thao Ho Home Furnishings” Project (Honorable Mention Award _ Sustainability category) - 2016: Project of the Year Award by World Architecture_ Archdaily Magazine / “Thao Ho Home Furnishings” Project (Top 5 - Building Of The Year 2016 Finalist _Commercial category). - 2016: International Architecture Award 2A in Vienna-Austria / “Thao Ho Home Furnishings” Project (Selected to the finalist). - 2017: AAP Architecture Prize _The American Architecture Prize ™ 2017 / “Thao Ho Home Furnishings” Project (Winner award _Commercial category). - 2017: Architectural Award “Architizer A + Awards “in New York - USA / “Thao Ho Home Furnishings” Project   (Popular Choice _ Showroom category). - 2018: The contest “FuturArc Green Leadership Award” by BCI Asia Singapore / “204 houses” project (Merit award _ Residential-Individual House category). - 2018: Top Ten Houses Award in Hanoi - Vietnam / 204 houses (Top 10 beautiful houses award). In addition, from 2018 to now, architect Le Minh Quang has also participated in leading social and community architecture projects (in the process of building and mobilizing social donations) such as: + Duc Quang Shelter Project - Binh Dai District, Ben Tre Province. + Space for religious activities of Our Lady of Mang Den - Kon Plong District, Kontum Province.
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