About Me
first nameBEISI
last nameJIA
CountryHong Kong, China
Address,0,0,Hong Kong, China
Personal Web site
Date of Birth2019-01-01
Graduated from
Specializes in designing Healthcare Mixed-Use Residential Retail Residential Architecture Green Architecture Public Architecture
So the unitBaumschlager Eberle Hong Kong Limited
Unit Titlemanaging director, partner, design principle
Social functions
Profile1963 Born in Nanjing, China 1985 Education BSc Arch and Ph.D in Architecture in Southeast University 1990 Post graduated Diplom ETH (Switzerland),  Ph.D in Architecture ETH and NIT since 1996 Associate professor in Architecture Design, Housing and History at the University of Hong Kong since 2008 Managing partner at Baumschlager Eberle, Hongkong
Success Stories2015- School of Engineering, South University of Science and Technology of China, Shenzhen, China 2015 Qingdao Ocean Technology Museum and Science Park Area Planning, Qingdao, China (FIRST PRIZE) 2015 Qingdao Blue Silicon Valley Incubation Area Planning, Qingdao, China (FIRST PRIZE) 2014 Foshan New Port & Lanshi Port Renovation Urban Design, Foshan, China (SECOND PRIZE) 2014 Shenshan Special Cooperation District Waterfront Planning, Shantou, China (THIRD PRIZE) 2013 Yingjiang County Master Planning International Competition, Ningbo, China (FIRST PRIZE) 2013 Clubhouse & Villa Planning & Landscape Design, Jiangyin, China 2012-2018 Wuhan Qingshan Incity Commercial Complex Architecture and Interior Design, Wuhan, China
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