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first nameYasuhiro
last nameYamashita
Personal Web sitewww.tekuto.com
Date of Birth
Graduated from
Specializes in designing Healthcare Hotel Mixed-Use Residential Architecture
So the unitAtelier TEKUTO Co., Ltd.
Unit TitlePresident, Representative Director of Atelier TEKUTO
Social functions
Profile YASUHIRO YAMASHITA   Representative Director of the architecture studio, Atelier TEKUTO. My hometown Amami Oshima is an island blessed with abundant sunlight, crystal clear oceans, filled with colourful flowers and a multitude of greenery and wild life. In a word, it is an ecological paradise. Growing up there, nurtured an understanding within my soul that every life has its own role in the environment, humans included and we are all interconnected. This concept has been an integral intellection of my architectural thoughts. I have designed and supervised the construction of more than 200 homes so far. This coincides with the fact that the core concept of architecture, which I regard most important, revolves people the architecture they dwell in, the house. The interest in houses has led me to other types of architecture for dwellers. The projects in which I am most interested at the moment are resort facilities, hotels and auberges. Dwelling spaces for relaxation. My interest extends also to facilities for the elderly. Resort facilities should be developed with a deep understanding for the region and aim for long lasting relationships with the local communities. It should incorporate locally available materials. Both in Japan and abroad. Since 2013 I have been teaching at Kyushu University and also conducting research into facilities for the elderly. As Japan is considered the worlds fastest aging country with the greatest proportion of elderly residents, it is necessary for our national policy to pave the way. To this end it is essential for us to propose new designs and varieties for facilities. My aim is to study from single purpose (nursing homes and day care and small multi function) to large multi purpose. To city centric for the active elderly, designed with expert help to be fully integrated within the locality.
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