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first nameMathieu
last nameLuyens
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Specializes in designing Mixed-Use Residential Retail
So the unitJUMA architects
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ProfileUnderneath the towers The historic city of Ghent has so much more to offer than its three towers forming a magnificent skyscape. For starters: JUMA architects. Established in 2009 by Julie van De Keere and Mathieu Luyens, both architects combine their eye for timeless design with surprising projects. JUMA strives for the perfect harmony between architecture, interior and furniture. A personal approach is the first and foremost condition for collaboration. Each project comes with a personal touch that corresponds entirely to the client’s desires. Sustainability and qualitative materials are the basis of each design. How it all started… Julie van De Keere (February 2nd 1984) obtained her Master degree in Architecture in 2007 at Sint-Lucas Academy Ghent. During her internship at Coninx Architects (Antwerp) she complemented her creative and innovative skills with interest in practical details such as customer relations, contacts with contractors, choice of materials, dealing with budgets… After an intense period, Julie decided the time had come to launch her own business. It was the start of an adventure. Born on January 27th 1984, Mathieu Luyens got his Master degree in the same year and at the same school as Julie. He as well considered his internship as an added value to his knowledge acquired at school. Living in the tropical climate and surrounded by a whole new architectural style at Ibiza he discovered a new vision on what architecture should be like. Next to an unforgettable memory, his stay on the island was the start of creating new ideas. During a second internship closer to home Mathieu got the opportunity to turn an old apartment into a modern dream house. It was at this moment that he decided to start his own business. One and one still is one What follows next is a story of love. After a long friendship the spark caught on during practical class. About a year later, Julie and Mathieu left Sint-Lucas with in their hands a Master degree and the hand of the other. Since their professional ambitions seemed to run parallel they decided to start their own business together. It is in their blood… They both were raised in an entrepreneurial family. Starting up JUMA architects right next to Sint-Baafs Cathedral was just a matter of time. Despite of the risks of both working and living together, they soon realized their relationship was an added value to their work. Instead of being each other’s opponents they are the soundboard of one another. More than being critic, they coach and support the other. Up till now, Mathieu’s grandfather’s device ‘Always make sure your clients end up satisfied” is their creed. The future Julie and Mathieu are always open to new ideas regardless the style or magnitude of the project. Their individual visions unite into a unique style. This recipe results in the unmistakable strength of this young duo. As Frank Lloyd Wright once wrote: youth is a quality, not a matter of circumstances. JUMA architects offers its clients more than a house. It offers them a home.
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  • Name:Mathieu Luyens
  • Country:Belgium
  • Specialty: Mixed-Use Residential Retail
  • Position:Owner
  • Introduction:Underneath the towers The historic city of Ghent has so much more to offer than its three towers forming a magnifice...
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