Max Mara boutique Beijing façade
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Curtain of Light

The façade of the MaxMara store in Beijing Avenue Deluxe is not the outer skin of a shop, and even less of a building.
The bright bi-dimensional surface does not let grasp any “shape” or volume behind.
It is a “curtain” of light that fades while ascending, a diaphragm, a membrane between the street and the MaxMara world, between reality and dream, existence and desire.
The physical aspect is diminished in favor of a daydreaming world made of light: a bright foggy cloud, beyond which it’s possible to glimpse an emotional world.
A shiny stainless steel frame supports the façade’s outer glasses and bears many slats of satined glass oriented in different ways, that diffuse the light of LED stripes embedded in the frame above and below.
The disposition of the slats allows to see the other side: from the inside it is possible to see the outside and vice-versa.
The structural parts of the building are covered with mirrors, to amplify the effect.

Technical drawing, glass façade modules detail

Technical drawing, back-lighted glass detail

Technical drawing, façade

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