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There is our first project of a fully autonomous house.

The main idea was to create the qualitatively new level for people's lives. Earth’s conservation and protecting nature from a negative urban influence. We invite you to participate and explore the fully autonomous unit for a hotel complex or a holiday house. You can also live there during whole year.

The main idea of this project is the possibility to construct it in a very short terms and using recycled materials. It can be placed at every picturesque place you it can be imagined. Additionally there is the direct commercial purpose for a completely autonomy cabin to place into the nature.

The engineering and technical part of the project was developed by us in accordance with the optimal application throughout the world. We used the engineering equipment and structural elements that can be produced in every country following the brief of the project.

There is the first forest cabin that will be implemented into Ukrainian Carpathians. We made the research of the local materials and their history in accordance with the concept of sustainable development.

As a result we used secondary materials such as wood and clay, as well as modern materials such as carbon fiber, fiberglass, polyurethane and vacuum insulation as the main building materials.

The house is completely autonomous. We suggest to use the resources of wind, sun and earth. Heating is generated using geothermal energy, as well as a modernized system for transferring hot air from the fireplace.

It is possible to generate drinking water when the cabin is located near a pond.

All engineering devices are combined into one smart system.

One house or a group of them can be controlled using a smartphone. The self-learning climate system maintains an ideal temperature and humidity.


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