The Museum Designer of Amsterdam
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Located in Amsterdam, Hans Van Heeswijk is an excellent architects that focus on details. The specialty that company owns is the ability to design all sorts of different beautiful museums. There are many very important museum projects were designed or redesigned by them. The talents they own and the brilliant work they contribute has own them a good reputation throughout the whole Holland. 

Although Hans van Heeswijk Architects also designs offices, housing renovations and bridges, the firm is best known for its public buildings. The Van Gogh Museum is the fifth and most recent museum project in the varied oeuvre of Amsterdam based Hans van Heeswijk Architects. The firm is especially praised for its transformation of former nursing home Amstelhof into Museum Hermitage Amsterdam (2009), awarded with the Dutch Building Award a.o. In 2014 the Royal Picture Gallery Mauritshuis reopened after doubling its size with a largely subterranean extension. The project won the National Renovation Award, Gulden Feniks 2015. June 2015 a new museum for Dutch Modern Realism MORE opened in Gorssel. And in September 2015 a new entrance building opened for Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam. Currently Hans van Heeswijk Architects re-designs the Stedelijk Museum Breda, which is a merger between two existing museums.

Hans van Heeswijk MSc, Architect / Founder

Every time he has the opportunity, Hans van Heeswijk explains why architecture is the best profession he can imagine. It starts with a telephone call. Someone needs a building, an interior or a bridge. There is a context in which to fit the commission. A spatial idea comes to life in the mind. Putting that on paper initiates a dialogue. A design emerges through conversation. A plan develops into a project. Construction makes that tangible and concrete.

At a certain moment it is ready. The structure that shapes space that was not there in that form, in a place that was always there. The surroundings also change accordingly. The collaboration yields a result, and the idea has become reality. We can experience the construction drawings, perspectives and models at full size. Nothing better than that.

After graduating from Delft Technical University as an engineer in 1980, Van Heeswijk moved to Amsterdam to learn the profession from Aldo van Eyck. After four years of experience he was ready to start his own office. That succeeded and is still growing. Pleasure in the profession has grown over time too. The enjoyment of analysing complex assignments and then organising and solving them. The result is a logic that was not there before and only has to be realised. The broad field of work offers clients, occupants and designers the variation and surprise that makes building together so exciting.

Van Heeswijk serves in boards and juries at home and abroad and lectures frequently.

Design is across borders. The important mission of Idea-Tops is to award designers and design works with innovative consciousness in technology application, art expression and reappearing of cultural features, find the best contemporary designers and design works, establish a benchmark role, and promote the communication, cooperation and development of world’s design industry.

Hans van Heeswijk Architects is excited to participate in Idea-Tops competition with its new entrance building for Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam. We look forward to see the projects of our colleague-competitors from around the globe. 

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Royal Picture Gallery Mauritshuis

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